Poetic Identity

A periphrasis without context
like a manichean almanac,
underground tour
similar and suburban;
that intertwine connections
and foreign personal projects,
with the experiences, superimposed

Miraculous transference
from the past to the present,
It runs smooth and permanent;
granting us identity
concise and consistent,
differentiated from others,
underlying anomaly own and, resident

Game that decanted
decreases consciousness,
sweetens congregating
the congenial memories;
and lightly intoxicates us,
of vital and sharp moments
to our measure, permanent


Identidad Poética

Una perífrasis sin contexto
cómo un almanaque maniqueo,
subterráneo recorrido
parecido y suburbano;
que entrelazan conexiones
y ajenos proyectos personales,
con las vivencias, superpuestas

Milagrosa trasferencia
del pasado a lo presente,
discurre suavecita y permanente;
concediéndonos identidad
concisa y coherente,
diferenciada de otros,
subyacente anomalía propia y, residente

Juego que decantado
merma la conciencia,
dulcifica congregando
los recuerdos congeniados;
y livianamente nos embriaga,
de momentos vitales y punzantes
a nuestra medida, permanente




Painting is silent poetry, Poetry is blind painting - Leonardo da Vinci

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Esteban Giancaterino

Esteban Giancaterino

Painting is silent poetry, Poetry is blind painting - Leonardo da Vinci

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