From conserved wastes,
(discarded others)
I built my primitive life,
leftovers of other exceeded
which laid desolated

Of bones and experiences,
overshadowed by time
whom far and hasty;
forgot to bury the ruins
of those forgotten lives,
which stealthy used

No merit
breaks me in,
well mine now
it always belonged to others;
they don’t know — and you shut up -,
do not alter what you know silent

Scraps of recycled history
do not renew nor convert anything,
only gather
the little things;
that broken and divided
extract and preserve the very same life,
(like mine)

Do you really think that this is not your story?


De Todos

De desechos conservados,
(otros desechados)
construí mi vida primitiva,
restos de otras vidas
que yacían desoladas

De huesos y vivencias,
opacadas por el tiempo
que lejano y presuroso;
olvido enterrar las ruinas
de esas vidas olvidadas,
que sigiloso usaba

Ningún mérito
me irrumpe,
pues lo mío ahora
siempre fué de otros;
ellos no lo saben — y tu calla -,
no alteres lo que sabes silencioso

Fragmentos de reciclada historia
no renuevan ni convierten nada,
solo reúnen
las pequeñas cosas;
que quebradas y divididas
extraen y conservan la misma vida,
(como la mía)

¿De verdad crees, que ésta no es tu historia?




Painting is silent poetry, Poetry is blind painting - Leonardo da Vinci

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Esteban Giancaterino

Esteban Giancaterino

Painting is silent poetry, Poetry is blind painting - Leonardo da Vinci

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