Poem Complaint

Forged silences.
Forced silences.
Learned silences.
Agreed silences.
Excessive silences.
Confused silences.
Neither natural nor human …


Denuncia Poemática

A Personal Resolution

I decide that the anguish,
anomalous censor;
cease your tasks,
facing her roars and
withdraw your treacherous designs

I lift the apprehended patience,
as a badge of the days;
kind counsellor
that solve the idleness

I redesign the imperfect spirit,
feracious symbol of life;
suffered partner
where the wasted soul
find your comfort


Una Resolución Personal

An Unhinged

Budget agreement
guarantor of optimism,
I grant that my limbo;
access at will,
with subtle and fruitless

The ignominy of the sense,
helpless primaeval guarantor;
appetite suspended
what do you perceive
the excessive fallacy

Unfinished included,
consensual delirium
of the precept;
that anonymous postulates
-in love with himself-,
that the vast thing happened
be encapsulated to suit you


Un Desquicio

An Interstice

Remote wound
sculpted for life
where it bleeds
sore memory

Detached history
fictitious communion
permeates emotional
corroded blood

Interstice of the past
small or excessive
corrected time slot
lying of myself


Un Intersticio

A Remembrance

We scatter mindless screams
We get along spoiled dreams
We ignore the agreed announcements
We caress our souls without help
We ran through life precocious and dazed
We set the primitive folds on fire
We silently suffer the dissident and vengeful sound
We generate overwhelmed the successive and succeeded seed
We celebrate life serene, temperate maturity; old age and goodbyes
We long for the days that have happened, we long for the future offered


Una Remembranza

A Musical Ode

Knots of sounds
-inverted triangle-
where rhythm, melody and harmony
syncopate the blood of
suggested brief idylls

Joyful strung wood,
of chimes and peg holes
they mimic discordant spirits
oozing multiform poetry
filing the silence turned

Declined genitive twilight
splendid late light
like twilight lit
that transmuted without exile
shelter the days with your help


Una Oda Musical

By Erich Fromm

In contrast to the symbiotic union, mature love means union on the condition of presenting one’s own integrity, one’s own individuality. Love is an active power in man; a power that crosses the barriers that separate man from his fellow men and unites him with others; love enables him to overcome his feeling of isolation and separateness. In love there is the paradox of two beings that become one and, nevertheless, they remain two.

Love is the active concern for life and the growth of what we love. When such active concern is lacking, there is no love. The essence…

A Peripatetic Trance

I wander
by elastic path
malleable and deformed
where deprived of prejudice
that structure and interpret
recovering and deforming
tight circumstances
remaking my way
ventilating the look
unveiling myself


Un Trance Peripatético

by Hermann Hesse

What is the steppe wolf?
A steppe wolf can be seen as a metaphor for a type of man. He is above all a person dissatisfied with himself and with his life because he believes he is composed of two irreconcilable natures: The wolf and the man.

To man correspond “the beautiful thoughts”, the “noble and delicate sensations” and the so-called “good deeds”. The wolf made fun of all this with sarcasm, “he breathed hatred and was a terrible enemy towards all men, and their ways and customs lied and denatured”.

These two natures “were in constant…

Poetic Aesthetics

like soft autumn drizzle
mature your smooth eyes
they overcome by clouding my stunned look
furtive, passive and captivated
that they faint to the polished influx

without enough selvedges
that dismember greens
your unprejudiced eyebrows
they exhaust my insidious pulses
and your achievement of filling it all

I consent
confuse what I see and believe
provoke hallucinated fortuitous
to my soul continuous and stamped
where I embrace your slow tears
of untamed beauty underlined

Ojos de Papel

Esteban Giancaterino


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