Natural Poetry

Deprived of decorum
and privacy
forced to
show off mannered

The autistic e
indifferent moon
pale episodic parade,
figurative, haughty
and, the only one celebrated

Sufficient accomplice
and necessary
of the night,
how cosmic
steely antinomy
in the morning

your essential destiny
hypnotizing the pupils
dilated and in
amazed poems

I don’t pretend that
pamper my look,
only admit
with your bristling blood;
what have you sipped
to the moon in love,
penitent and consecrated

Fémina Luna

Poesía Natural


Packs of barking
of the crowded life,
flooding the avenue
of bricks,
of steps and gardens;
of perfume possessed.

Blurred postcards of
the memory of
once in love,
doubling the joy
of favourite memories,
and ignoring the penalties

Oblivion convention
laborious and confused,
that congregating
happy fictions
-of artifices-,
cheat the sunset
of the anonymous soul; aged.

De Recuerdos y Artificios




A sun
thirsty for sweat
my greedy cheeks,
the same
that tremble;
in unison
brushing your caresses

my intricate mind
to your defiant forehead,
pulses to my temples;
your silent smile

they sway at will
of a wind
aged and sober,
of days in his way;
who laughs at us



Tribute to J. L. Borges, on the 35th anniversary of his death

No one saw him disembark in the unanimous night, no one saw the bamboo canoe sinking into the sacred mud, but a few days later no one was unaware that the taciturn man came from the South and that his homeland was one of the infinite villages that are upstream, on the violent side of the mountain, where the Zend language is not contaminated with Greek and where leprosy is rare. The truth is that the grey man kissed the mud, receding the bank without moving (probably without…


The tumultuous plasticized ocean,
cries salty; drowning the poisoned Blue and Green |

The grayish ice, muted and suicidal, validates his perverse luck; burning in the melting cold |

The rusted mountain fossil casts its shadow of clandestine smoke; mineralizing converted air |

The violent wind, now aimlessly, dries up the tides with resentment; flooding the faded valleys |

Naturaleza en Ruinas



Fade twilight
of coppers and bronzes |

Fortuitous plates that
are forged like men |

Unanimous heavens that
set fire to the afternoon |

Twilight of the days that
majestic celebrate busy life |




Trembling poems
Your gaze|

Sleepwalking the mind
My hands |

Spiced words
dressing up the strophes |

What with missing metric
are suggested summoned |

Folkloric ways
rejoice the dimmed spirit |

Tú Poesía y la Mía


Poem Anguish

Distressing opiate that
polemicist and narcissist,
second my shortcomings
that torment my conscience;
undervalued and depressed
for anguish and absences,
how complacent and inhumane
they kidnapped my affections …

*Dedicated to my good friend


Angustia Poemática

Poem Fiction

Alba the cowardly indifference -
Cerulean the spicy hope-
Grizzled discouragement -
Red the disillusion faded -
Black the convalescent pain -
Orange the emancipated joy -
Painful disappointment purple -
Pinkish the indignant present -
Sea-green the brightness of your eyes -
I’m falling in love with

Colores Sentimentales O, Sentimientos de Colores

Ficción Poemática

Untrue Poem

Of presumptuous time
and irreverent glibness |

Compendium of my mind
how catalytic catalogue |

Interposed consciences
harbouring ideas opposites |

Measurements and words
expressed divergents |

Settling the underlying gaze
lenitive, abstract and suggestive |


Falaz Poema

Esteban Giancaterino


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